Report: MMA fighter conspires to kidnap Hells Angels biker gang leader

Get the Full StoryAn arrest warrant has been issued for an amateur MMA fighter who allegedly kidnapped a Hells Angels leader from his home. Local Thai police in Chon Buri have issued an arrest warrant for Antonio Bagnato, an Australian amateur MMA fighter who allegedly conspired to kidnap a motorcycle gang leader from his home.

According to the Bangkok Post, Bagano is faced with charges of assault and detain the gang leader, 38-year-old Wayne Rodney Schneider, who was reportedly his partner in a fitness business.

The newspaper also added that Bagno was the No. 11 ranked amateur MMA fighter from New South Wales, as well as a fellow biker.

Schenider, who headed the top outlaw biker faction in Australia, was arrested for his involvement in a 5 million baht robbery of a Melbourne casino, as well as drug trafficking.

Four fellow abductors allegedly accompanied Bagnato. Local police have not been able to identify their whereabouts.