Speedy Gizmo3D gives 3D printing a 'Terminator' edge

Get the Full StoryLAS VEGAS — If the Terminator owned a 3D printer, it would work like this.

Gizmo3D printers use a process called DLP Digital Light Printing to print 3D models, layer-by-layer in a vat of photo-sensitive resin. This differs significantly from traditional 3D-printing methods like those employed my MakerBot, which essentially draws in melted ABS or PLA, working slowly to trace out each layer.

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Gizmo3D printers have two high-powered projectors that shine a focused image of one layer of the subject, which is fed from a USB-connected PC onto the surface of the resin. Wherever that image shines, the resin hardens — in about one second. Then the print base lowers a micron and the projector shines the next layer. Eventually the entire 3D-printed object is completely submerged in resin. To retrieve it, the Gizmo3D printer raises the print platform until the object appears, still dripping with liquid resin. The effect is pretty cool. Read more...More about Ces, 3d Printer, 3d Printing, Tech, and Gadgets