The music that inspired Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other successful entrepreneurs

Get the Full StoryAPThis just in from Captain Obvious: Music inspires people.

It can get you in touch with feelings and memories. It can be the catalyst for big ideas. It can help you make sense of problems. It can heal.

Here's the music that's doing all those things for some of the most legendary entrepreneurial minds in the world:Mark Zuckerberg: Lady Gaga and Daft Punk

Getty Win McNamee

Yes, the man who brought us Facebook is particularly fond of the woman who brought us the meat dress. Lady Gaga, of course, is boisterous pop royalty. There's almost no chance anyone who listens to a top-40 radio station has been able to avoid her ubiquitous hits "Bad Romance," "Poker Face," or "Born This Way." Adventurous listeners looking for a lesser-known gem should try out the track "The Fame."

Daft Punk is an electronic duo that combines elements of many different musical genres into their catchy tunes. New listeners would do well to try out their infectious, funk-driven hit "Get Lucky." Maybe you'll get as lucky as Zuckerberg did.

Steve Jobs: Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Miles Davis, Peter, Paul and Mary, and the Rolling Stones

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Jobs's passion for classic rock and folk music has been well documented. Must-listen choices here would be the Beatles' iconic White Album official title: "The Beatles" , Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark," the Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers," and Jackson Browne's "The Pretender." In the mood for some jazz to inspire your creativity? Try Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue." You really can't go wrong with any album by any of these artists, though.

Richard Branson: Peter Gabriel and Mike Oldfield; his favorite band is the Sex Pistols

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The Virgin Group founder's tastes are a little more edgy; the Sex Pistols are the groundbreaking punk band that paved the way for countless acts to follow in their raucous footsteps. Their gospel was nonconformity — their only studio album, "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols," is a testament to that — and it's no surprise that an entrepreneurial mind like Branson's would be drawn to it.

On the other end of Branson's musical spectrum, Peter Gabriel has enjoyed mass appeal with smash hits like "In Your Eyes" and "Solsbury Hill." For a lesser-known tune, my personal favorite is "I Have the Touch." As for Mike Oldfield, it's no surprise Branson is a big fan; the 1973 album "Tubular Bells" famously launched Virgin Records.

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