Robots will walk you and drive you: Hyundai reveals its future

Get the Full StoryLAS VEGAS A conference room at the Mandarin Oriental is not the place I'd expected to finally get captured by the robots. But there I am in a smart exoskeleton, unable to move.

It's lightweight and plastic, but my legs are locked in place by struts at the hips and knees. Luckily, the engineers from Hyundai hand me a pair of crutches.

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The left crutch has a game controller D-Pad. I lean forward and to the right, tap a button, and my left leg jerks up, out and down. Lean left, tap again, and my right leg does the same. I am a robot doing a Frankenstein's monster stomp; maybe I'm some kind of superhero. Read more...More about Exoskeleton, Self Driving Cars, Cars, Tech, and Work Play