Ford's new self-driving Fusion looks like a actual car

Get the Full StoryIf you pull up alongside a self-driving car today, you'll probably know it immediately bulky external sensors make most of the current models logging test miles for Waymo, Chevy and others stick out on the streets like a sore thumb. There are a few less goofy-looking models on the road with autopilot features, like the Audi R7, but they're not so prevalent.

But if you run into one of the brand-new, next-gen driverless Ford Fusion Hybrids in the coming months, you might never notice it's autonomous. It's that... normal.

Chris Brewer, the chief program engineer of Ford's Autonomous Vehicle Development program, unveiled the latest iteration of Ford's self-driving tech in a Medium post yesterday, just ahead of the car company's mobility company's planned presentation next week at CES in Las Vegas. Read more...More about Autonomous Cars, Ces 2017, Fusion, Self Driving Cars, and Ford