BitStarz Are the First to Implement the Max Bet Bonus Protection

Get the Full StoryWe have some great news coming your way! Namely, players at BitStarz Casino will from now on get automatically protected from betting over the Max Bet limit with bonus money. It s time to pay BitStarz Casino a visit right now, as they ve implemented a new functionality - Max Bet Bonus Protection in order to help their players stick to the rules and earn the winnings. Now let s go over the details!

The Max Bet Rule for Bonus Money

We are all aware of the fact that the casino s Terms and Conditions need to be carefully read, but we somehow always skip certain parts. Even though many of the rules are just common sense clauses, there are some that are there to prevent promotional abuse, which if not observed, can cause for confiscation of winnings.

One of the rules says: Players can only bet under a certain amount with bonus money and, if not followed, there is a risk of having the bonus and winnings confiscated.

The most common rule would be the Max Bet rule for the bonus money, which states that a player should not bet over a certain amount while playing with the bonus money. This term is very common across many online casinos, and it s important that the player in question stays below this limit.

Thanks to the Max Bet Bonus Protection, you will no longer be at risk of having any funds removed. In case you go over the allowed limit, you will see an error message saying: You have reached your player limit and will not be able to continue playing until you adjust your bet amount.

BitStarz Value Their Customers Feedback

Requests actually came in from many players asking to receive assistance in staying below the max bet limit and, from now on, a technical protection limit has been set in place. The new functionality will prevent players to bet over the allowed line as well as to be at a risk of having any funds removed.

The Marketing Manager of BitStarz Casino, Kate Garber commented: At BitStarz, we believe it s absolutely vital to have a good relationship with our players, and listen to what they have to say. I m delighted we ve been able to find a technical solution to this and met our players request, and would like to state that we ll always have our doors open for feedback .

Pay BitStarz Casino a Visit

As for you dear player, head over to BitStarz Casino, choose your favourite online slots to play and take advantage of the new functionality. This tutorial will help you out get started. So far, the warning comes only from the NetEnt slots, but soon there will be many other software suppliers who will implement this function.