Stephen Colbert mocks Trump for not wanting his name on his embattled healthcare plan

Get the Full Story"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" CBS; YouTubeDonald Trump is well-known for splashing his name on casinos, hotels, and private planes, but Stephen Colbert found it funny that he doesn't want his healthcare plan referred to as "Trumpcare."

"Trump is all in. He'll pulling out all the stops on this healthcare bill, except when it comes to the name, because the White House is asking, 'Please don't call it Trumpcare," CBS's "Late Show" host said on Thursday's episode.

This week, several Trump administration spokespeople tried to distance Trump's name from the healthcare plan, which is finding opposition from both sides of the political aisle. Then on Wednesday, a White House spokesperson made it clear.

It s not Trumpcare. We will be calling it by its official name," the spokesperson said Wednesday of the American Health Care Act.

" Trump just doesn't want you call it Trumpcare," Colbert said. "When it comes to whether you should call it Trumpcare, that is one thing about which Trump care."

Clearly, there's a tradition of including the name of the person introducing a healthcare plan in its nickname. There's "Obamacare," "Hillarycare," and when former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney presented his healthcare plan in 2012, it was called "Romneycare."

But while Trump doesn't like his name associated with the plan, Romney's former spokesperson explained that conservatives actually don't like the word "care" either, something Colbert found funny.

"Yes, very important, Conservatives don't want to be associated with caring," Colbert said.

Watch the video below:

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