Charlie Hunnam Can Sleep Easy Knowing Robert Pattinson Doesn t Hate Him

Get the Full StoryCharlie Hunnam admitted a few months ago that while he was filming The Lost City of Z in Colombia, he went method by ignoring his girlfriend Morgana McNelis. At the same time Charlie was pulling his method acting antics on Morgana, his co-star Robert Pattinson might have been running the same game on him.

During an interview with Screen Daily, Charlie admitted that before they started filming The Lost City of Z, he had a few rehearsals with Sienna Miller, but none with Robert because he wanted their relationship to evolve naturally on screen. Charlie says that he doesn t think he said more than ten words to Robert off-camera.

I didn t know if he was just in that zone or if he genuinely didn t like me. There was a real distance between us. But it creates the right dynamic on screen.

But don t worry, they re sort-of friends now.

He s reached out to me subsequently, making overtures for us to be friends now, so I think it was about the work.

Since asking someone if they re method acting seems to be just too difficult, maybe actors should be required to have some kind of signal to let everyone else on set know that they re decided to go method. Just so that no one is awkwardly standing around, scratching their heads and wondering what they did to piss so-and-so off. They could wear little vests like service dogs that say: PLEASE DON T BE OFFENDED I m not being a dick, I m just method acting.

Here s Charlie looking like he s auditioning for the role of Cocky College RA from 2003 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas yesterday.


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