Angela Merkel's Handshake Has No Poker Face

Get the Full StoryWe wouldn t have noticed if Trump hadn t refused to shake her hand. But once you ve seen it, you can t unsee it.

This is the moment that started it all. Angela Merkel. Donald Trump. The Oval Office.

You remember. The two most important leaders in the Western world meet. One pouts, and refuses to shake the other's hand. Gasps ring out. Ink is spilled.

Saul Loeb AFP Getty Images

When it comes to extending a hand in the socially accepted fashion of demonstrating you're not, like, hiding a weapon it's as if Merkel shows her innermost feelings with a handshake.

John Thys AFP Getty Images

Sometimes, handshakes are delightful!

Or maybe King Philippe of Belgium just tells really, really good jokes.

Olivier Matthys Getty Images

They can leave you slightly giddy.

Sweden's Prime minister Stefan Lofven got Merkel beaming with his grip.

Jonathan Nackstrand AFP Getty Images

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