Open Post: Hosted By The First Trailer For Netflix s GLOW

Get the Full StoryWhen Netflix first announced that they bought a TV show from Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan about one of my favorite childhood classics GLOW Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling , I both cheered on the inside and shook with fear over them ruining a flawless jewel. But the first trailer was released today and I don t have to call 911 to report Jenji Kohan for the first degree murder of my childhood memories. At least, I don t have to call 911 on her ass today anyway.

GLOW stars Allison Brie, who works the haircut that 9 out of 10 moms had in the 1980s, as a broke, struggling actress in Hollywood circa the 80s who gets cast as one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It also stars Marc Maron as a sleazy douche and former HSOTD Betty Gilpin as the alpha queen of GLOW. Besides the chick who is giving me a touch of Mt. Fiji, it looks like none of the characters are based on actual GLOW wrestlers and the look is totally different. The original GLOW was shot in a Las Vegas hotel ballroom and their costumes were sequined works of low-budget glamorous art. In this one, it looks like they re going to shoot it in some old theater and their costumes look like they were bought from a Capezio going-out-of-business sale and at a Halloween store on November 1st.

But this trailer had me at Betty Gilpin, frosted eyeshadow and Marc Maron using a picture of the Reagans to snort lines of coke from a drug robot.

And if it has a fully hard 9 dick in it and or takes places in the 80s, I will staple my eyelids to my eyebrows and watch every second of it.

Pic: YouTube