Fight the Pirates at Jackpot Capital and Win a Share of 150K

Get the Full StoryOur friends at Jackpot Capital are in trouble and they need your help. The pesky pirates are trying to steal their jackpots and the online casino needs you to help save the day. They ve lined up 150,000 in prizes for anyone who s willing to help and we think you fit the bill. There s 20K set out for each week you just need to play at Jackpot Capital Casino to receive your rewards.

Take on the Pirates

The thieving bandits are trying to steal all the gold, it s up to you to stop them. If you think you re brave enough to fight the pirates and save the day you ll reap the rewards and bag a share of the 150K prize pot.

Save the day and you will walk away a winner with a share of 150K

There s 120,000 in scoreboard prizes which will be delivered every Monday to the lucky winners. The remaining 30,000 will be given out as Friday Random Bonus Boosts so get your game face on as there s plenty to play for.

Earn Enough Points to Win

Each week there ll be a new chance to win and a new 20,000 scoreboard. It gives you the perfect chance to show everyone the hero within and the best news is you only have to play your favourite online slots for a chance to win.

Here s how you qualify:

Head over to Jackpot Capital Casino

Deposit at least 100 per week

Play and collect only 5 scoreboard points each week

At least 1 point must come from bets placed

You need to try and collect as many points as you can to make it on to the scoreboard and here s how you can do that:

Deposit: You ll earn 1 point for every 20 you deposit each week during the promotion

Play: You ll earn 1 point for every 500 you wager on your favourite games

The more points you collect the better your prize will be. You just need to finish in the top 300 positions and you are guaranteed a share of the 20K with prizes ranging from 30 - 600.

Win a Friday Boost

Even if you don t finish in the top 300 players, heroes always come out on top! Each week there will be an extra 5000 in prizes handed out and you just never know, you could be a lucky winner. A random raffle will take place for all qualifying players, so when you re fighting the enemy just remember there s plenty of prizes to go around for everyone. Good luck, we know you can do it.