What Are Fixed Payline Online Slots?

Get the Full StorySo, fixed payline online slots. The name pretty much says it all. Usually, when you play online slots, you can choose the number of paylines you d like to spin the reels of the slot with. However, certain slots have a fixed set of paylines and, if you don t know what makes these games worth your while, we re about to shed some light on the entire deal.

Max Paylines for Bonus Games and Free Spins

First of all, you may already know that a large portion of slots expect you to enable the maximum number of paylines in order to be eligible to hit the game s bonus round in the first place. With fixed payline slots, it s different you can hit the bonus game or Free Spins at any given moment during your gameplay.

Fixed Payline Slots in Mobile Casinos

Back in the day, when you d hear fixed payline slots, your first thought would most likely be single-payline classic slots with the most basic of features. Today? A whole different story.

For starters, the good news is that the fixed payline slots are no longer bound to desktops exclusively. As technology advanced, so did the slot machines and nowadays you can spin the reels of fixed payline slots machines on mobile phones, as well.

So, if you re a die-hard fan of mobile slots and you wish to give fixed payline slots a go on your tablets or phones at your favourite mobile casinos... well, you can do exactly that. Nothing s stopping you!

All Pays Are Here to Stay

Now, you re definitely going to come across slot machines referred to as All Pays or All Pay slots. For all intents and purposes these slots are indeed fixed payline slots except there s a lot of them and you can win any way possible.

Surely you ve heard of slots with 243 ways to win. What that means in a nutshell is that there are 243 possible winning combinations and you don t have to choose paylines they re all enabled at all times.

Slots with 243 ways to win provide you with 243 possible winning combinations - and you don t have to choose paylines.

Among the most famous slot titles belonging to this type of fixed payline slots are surely Microgaming s Immortal Romance slot, NetEnt s Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot and, say, Medusa II slot by NextGen Gaming.

What s more, if you think 243 ways to win is a lot, wait till you try slots with 720, 1024 or even wait for it! 3125 ways to win! Kind of overwhelming, but surely worthwhile.

Try Slots with Fixed Paylines and Good Luck!

Ready to test your luck at slots with fixed paylines? If so, then what are you waiting for? Whether it s a single-payline slot or a mobile slot with as many as 1024 ways to win, we wish you lots of luck!

Just make sure you tell us all about it at our forum afterwards you know we re always there to join the discussion.