38 "Friends" Facts That You've Definitely Never Heard

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1. Today, Monica's apartment would cost at least 4,500 a month. In the show, it was explained that she was able to afford it because she inherited the rent-controlled apartment from her grandmother.

2. The cast was scared by the idea of Joey and Rachel together because they didn't "belong together, and it wasn't right."

3. The director encouraged the cast to play poker as a way to bond. This later inspired "The One With All The Poker."


4. In the beginning, the cast would all get together and watch the show.

5. Initially, Jennifer Aniston was considered for Monica, but she wanted to play Rachel. Courtney Cox was considered for Rachel, but she wanted to play Monica.

6. Ursula Buffay was introduced to explain that Phoebe Buffay is the twin sister of Lisa Kudrow's character on Mad About You.


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