BitStarz Launch Slot Battles and Give Away 4800 Free Spins Daily!

Get the Full StoryAs if BitStarz haven t got enough exciting promotions going on they ve just decided to add yet another to the collection. Our Certified Casino has just launched Slot Battles, yet another exciting tournament where you win yourself some cool free spins. There s 144,400 free spins up for grabs every month you just need to play at BitStarz Casino to grab a share.

Spin for Free Spins

If you re already a member at BitStarz you ll now the bitcoin casino are home to some great tournaments, Now they ve decided to turn up the heat and add Slot Battles! You ll work your way through 48 battle rounds in the bid for free spins. And the great new is you can take part Every. Single. Day.

Play for free spins every day in the new Slot Battles at BitStarz Casino.

The new battles will sit alongside Extra Wars, Table Wars and Slot Wars, already live at the casino. But what s different about their new battle is a new round now starts every 30 minutes so if one of their wars is too long for you this could be the perfect alternative.

How to Play

When you play in the other tournaments at BitStarz Casino you need to get the highest turnover to win, this battle is slightly different. Each time you get a multiplier you ll earn points. Be the player with the highest number of points at the end of the round and you ll be crowned a winner.

You don t need to worry about a massive bankroll to take part.

Every time a new round starts there s 100 free spins up for grabs and with 48 rounds that s a whopping 4800 free spins every day. And what s more everyone has a fighting chance of winning regardless of your bankroll as size simply doesn t matter. If you ve guts you ll take the glory at the end of the rounds.

Comments from the Team

Srdjan Kapor aka a i junior aka Brada the Boss, the Marketing Manager but in fact boliqurcija Manager aka secret Santa at BitStarz is thrilled to be launching the new battles and commented Players love the variety of tournaments we have, and I m so glad to be able to launch a concept where every player has a fighting chance, big or small. I sincerely hope and believe that Slot Battles will be a winning concept! .

You can head over to BitStarz now where the slot battles are already well underway and the fight for free spins is well and truly on!