Daniel Craig Confirms His Return For Bond 25

Get the Full StoryIt s been the most frustrating will he or won t he? debate of the last several years, but tonight, it appears that it s at an end. Daniel Craig has finally confirmed that he ll be back for Bond 25. The actor appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a few hours ago where he told the talk show host that he ll be returning for one more round as 007, though wouldn t give any other details as to what we can expect from his final outing as the iconic character.

This announcement is a bit surprising, as it comes only several hours after Craig played coy about suiting up as Bond again when asked about it during an interview with a Boston radio station. In case you missed it, he said the following when questioned on if he d be signing on for Bond 25:

No decision has been made at the moment, there s a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed and I m not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that. It s just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment I know they re desperate to get going and I would in theory love to do it, but there is no decision, uh, just yet.

What spurred Craig to finally make his decision public earlier tonight is unknown, but it s out in the open now and we can finally put an end to all the speculation of which there s been a lot of. Then again, having portrayed Ian Fleming s super-spy four times already Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre , all signs pointed to Craig returning as Bond for one final outing.

The British actor still has a two-picture contract to fulfill, after all, and though there had been much back-and-forth regarding his commitment to MGM s flagship franchise Kingsman: The Golden Circle star Mark Strong even went on record to claim that Daniel Craig was ready to retire his license to kill following the less-than-stellar Spectre it s now over. And not a moment too soon.

The 25th instalment in MGM s legendary James Bond franchise hits U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2019. As things stand, it s set to open alongside a live-action fairytale movie from Disney, the details of which are yet to be unveiled.