Lil Wayne Was Hospitalized For Seizures, Forced To Cancel A Show In Las Vegas

Get the Full StoryI m starting to think the part in A Milli when Lil Wayne declares motherfucker, I m ill wasn t actually a hot hook, but an accurate description of Lil Wayne s general health. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is ill again, motherfuckers.

Sources tell TMZ that Lil Wayne was hospitalized on Sunday in Chicago after he was found unconscious in his hotel room. He had reportedly suffered at least one epilepsy-related seizure. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he had yet another seizure. The sources claim Lil Wayne s people were trying to get him discharged from the hospital ASAP in order to make it to a gig later than night in Las Vegas.

A rep for Lil Wayne confirmed the news to TMZ, adding that his show in Las Vegas had officially been cancelled. TMZ s sources tell them that hospital doctors advised keeping Lil Wayne for a lil while longer to monitor his health. So how is Lil Wayne doing now? According to his daughter, Reginae Carter, he s doing well. She also would like you to pay no attention to people whispering rumors about her dad.

My dad is doing fine everyone ! Thanks for the concerns you guys are amazing

Love me reginae_carter1 September 4, 2017

Oh yeah .. & don't believe everything you hear

Love me reginae_carter1 September 4, 2017

What rumors, you say? Oh, I have no idea. But, if I had to wager a guess, just a casual speculation, it might be the one about TMZ implying that Lil Wayne s love of lean might be the reason he ended up in the hospital.

Lil Wayne Hasn't Put Down the Sizzurp Since Last Round of Seizures https: wguMBE8TpA

TMZ TMZ September 5, 2017

It s no secret that Lil Wayne has been known to sip sizzurp aka soda, candy, and codeine-based cough syrup . It s maybe what put him in the hospital with seizures the last time. And the time before that. And quite possibly the time before that. TMZ notes that Lil Wayne gave a high-energy performance before he was hospitalized.

Seizures are no joke, but to add in the possibility of Lil Wayne s being triggered by drug drink? Sipping from a double styrofoam cup filled with the sleepy devil s party juice is a dangerous dance. Hell, most anything candy-flavored drunk out of a giant styrofoam cup spells trouble. I can t remember the time I drank a Route 44 cherry limeade from Sonic. That s not a typo I m positive I suffered some sort of permanent memory loss from drinking that much red dye and sugar.