Celebrate 20 Years of Interwetten with 20 Surprises Worth 200K

Get the Full StoryTwentieth birthday is always a big deal which is why we want to urge you to pay a visit to Interwetten Casino. These guys are celebrating the fact that they have been online for 20 years, and it is an occasion definitely worth celebrating.

The Anniversary

For their 20th anniversary, Interwetten Casino team has prepared a bunch of stuff. There are going to be 20 unique surprises worth 200 000 waiting to be snagged, so don t miss this chance. The promo offer will be valid from September 8th till November 27th, 2017.

The way this is concocted is to have each day filled with excitement to the max. Here s what is involved here:

20 promotions

2 prize draws per month

Winner of the Day

Anniversary prize draw

Yes, you have read it right. All this and much more will be at your hands grasp at Interwetten if you just pay them a visit.

The total value of 20 promotions is 200K, the prize pool for the 2 prize draw per month is 20 000, the Winner of the Day raffle gives away 100 every day, and promo will run from September 4th till November 28th, 2017. As for the main prize draw, the pool is 20000 in cash.

How This Works

All you need to do is to actually have an account at Interwetten, and you are all set to go. So if you want to participate in their celebration just make sure to do the following:

Register or Log in

Select the active bonus during relevant promo period

Participate in promotion and secure your bonus

During every active promotion period you can daily purchase a lot which are activated in chronological order according to the time of participation. To activate a lot, you need to bet at least 25 per lot, and all those that are activated will be authorized for the prize draws. The prize draws will take place on the following dates:

Monday, September 18th

Thursday, September 28th

Monday, October 9th

Monday, October 23rd

Monday, October 13th

Also, all lots activated until November 26th by 23:59 CET will take part in the big anniversary prize draw on November 27th, 2017.

So what are still doing here? The party has started! There are lots to be activated, and prizes to be won! Go celebrate together with Interwetten!