How Well Do You Know Casino Terms

Get the Full StoryAccording to the opinion of most fresh players, the entrance into the world of online casinos obliges you to get your hands on a special dictionary of words. Like any other industry, online gambling uses a huge range of specific phrases and expressions. But how well do you know these casino terms and are you familiar with their meaning? We ve prepared an amusing and dynamic test for you that will help you to get a better grasp of gambling terminology and play online slots and games in a relaxing and fun way. Hop on to our quiz and let s start!

Casino Terms Quiz

1. Who is a stickman?

A man who sells sticky tapes. An employee of a gambling house who oversees the play. A person who makes sticks.

2. When you suffer a bad beat in an online poker room, it means that...

You are completely covered in scratches and bruises. You have no talent for music whatsoever. Your huge hand was beaten by a better hand.

3. What are money lines?

Betting lines which lay out the amount a player must wager to win 100. Signs of wealth and money in palmistry. Bundles of marked bills.

4. If you go rabbit hunting , you want to...

Hunt wild rabbits. See the cards that would have come up if a hand had continued. Play some cool online slots with rabbits.

5. What does it mean to have a bullet ?

To be armed. To be working in a bulleted list in MS Word. To have an ace.

6. Who is Tom?

A fictional cat from the Tom and Jerry cartoon short films. A Welsh singer, known by his stage name as Tom Jones. A miser tipper.

7. What is a blackjack surrender?

Losing to a better blackjack player. An option to fold your hand and receive half your bet back. To be beaten by the dealer s jacks.

8. When you are on a rush , it implies that...

You are short with time. You are watching the Rush movie from 2013. You are being lucky and winning Free Spins on a roll.

9. What is a jackpot?

A jack playing card that fell into a cooking pot. The most valuable prize in an online casino game. Jack-in-the-Pulpits planted in a pot.

10. If someone is referred to as a cheat , then they are...

A beard. A crossroader. Both of the above.

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If you re reading this line, that means that you are done with all the questions and now you are probably thinking about whether your answers are accurate or not. As you might have noticed, the test was created to give you a bit of fun and more importantly, a handful of detailed explanations regarding a few tricky casino terms.

Two out of every three answers are obviously meant to cheer you up and the only remaining option is the correct one. We hope you enjoyed your time while thinking about the answers to these gambling questions and since you re here we welcome you to leave your comments at our forum the place where you can feel at home.