What Type of Slot Player Are You?

Get the Full StoryGenerally speaking, slot players are known to be thrill-seekers who constantly yearn for fresh, innovative content, a wish that can easily be granted as there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of available online slots all over the internet. However, slot players differ amongst themselves, too. Wondering what kind of slot player you are? Maybe our categories will help you recognize yourself.Patient Goal-gettersThe patient goal-getter has a clear aim in sight and will stop at nothing to get there. They re focused, determined and more than ready for that big win lurking just behind the next spin.Are you the kind who knows how to have fun and doesn t give up easily?Have you ever spent a whole night turning the reels of your favourite online slot, sensing that the winning combo is just a couple of spins away? And you happened to be right? You might as well consider yourself a full-time professional slot player. Kudos to you, friend, you re the kind that knows how to have fun and doesn t give up easily!Can t Stop, Won t StopKnowing when to stop is highly important, but not everyone has that sort of self-discipline. If you re the kind of slot player who enjoys the thrill of spinning the reels so much that they are prone to telling themselves five more minutes and I m through and when said five minutes have passed, you re still there, pressing the Spin button, then this is your category.Knowing when to stop is highly important, but not everyone has that sort of self-discipline.However, if you feel like the fun s slowly dissipating and you still can t walk away, do share your fears with the people close to you. For starters they can be the ones to tell you no when you can t, but if that doesn t work, perhaps it s time to seek assistance from professionals. Just be honest with yourself, analyze the situation and be aware of its severity.Lone WolvesPerhaps every slot player can fall into this category from time to time, but if you mostly enjoy playing online slots because you get to spend some quiet time with yourself, then you re a bona fide lone wolf.Perhaps every slot player can be described as the lone wolf from time to time.Introverted, quiet or just fed up with people constantly talking at, with or around you, your online gambling time is your downtime. You enjoy your slots, your online casinos are your pastime and nothing more and, if you happen to nab that jackpot, then hooray! But, if it s a slow night, you re ready to pack up and leave. At least you ve had some noiseless time to yourself, right?What Kind of Slot Player Are You?Have you found yourself among the abovementioned types of slot players? Are you perhaps a mix of two or more? Or do you think you fit into a separate category altogether? Tell us all about your thoughts in our forum we can t wait to talk to you!