Did You Know You Can Get Fit by Gambling Online?

Get the Full StoryThe facts are these: we live in a world where the majority of our daily activities revolve around sitting - most primarily our work and our favourite pastimes, such as gambling at online casinos at our desks. So, why not combine the good with the useful? Case in point: let s see what types of exercises you can do while playing online slots in order to fight obesity, stay active and get fitter. Ready? Let s do this!Stretch While Playing Online SlotsHow many hours per day do you sit on average? More than you d like to, right? Well, even while you re sat, you can use the opportunity to do some fairly easy, yet extremely useful exercises. Say you re in your favourite casino, spinning the reels of some of the most popular online slots at the moment and you re doing really well, too. However, your neck starts cramping. So, what should you do?Step on: put the slot in the Autoplay mode. The reels will continue to spin, and you can devote yourself to the aching neck. Simply sit up straight and gently pull your head towards one shoulder and then the other. Done? Now do pretty much the same, except lean your head towards your chest and away from it. Slowly, patiently. Need more? Slowly turn your head over one shoulder and then the other. Easy peasy. Circular movements help, too.Stand up for a moment and gently pull each arm towards the ceiling you ll feel instant relief.But that s not all. With the aching neck usually come shoulder and back stiffness. Stand up for a moment and pull each arm towards the ceiling you ll feel instant relief. For the finishing touch you can stretch your arm over your head and bend to one side. Do the same in the opposite direction and we promise you ll feel much better immediately.Try This Easy Leg ExerciseHere s an effective leg exercise you can do while sitting at the desk. All you need to do is raise your leg at knee level, hold it in position for a couple of seconds, lift it a bit higher or, preferably as high as you can and hold an additional two seconds. For starters, 10 or 15 sets should be enough. Later, when your legs get stronger you can go up to 50. We believe in you! Desk Squats? Yes, Please!There s nothing you can t do while the reels keep spinning without your having to constantly press Play . Time to stand up again, move the chair away from the desk and bend your knees as if going back to the sitting position. Just pay attention that your knees never go over the line of your feet! Repeat at least 15 times in one go. Bonus points if you do two or three rounds. Work on Abs while at an Online CasinoWhy not throw some ab exercises into the mix, too? This type of exercise is also perfect for the sitting position. Sit up straight, keep your feet flat on the floor, take a deep breath and hold your abdominal muscles tight for at least 10 seconds. Do as many as you can, but don t overforce yourself on the first try. As time goes by you ll be able to do more!We hope you ll have fun combining online gambling with useful exercises for staying fit and do tell us if you have any other exercise suggestions at our forum!