Why Are Fruit Slots Always Fun to Play?

Get the Full StoryOnline gambling industry is a highly competitive market, and therefore originality and innovative approach are always welcome. However, when it comes to online slots design, most game providers love to have a safe bet rather than wander around in the dark. Fruit slots have been around for a long time, and it seems that they haven t lost a single note of their magic. Why are fruit slots always fun to play and what hides behind their constant popularity? Loose your shoulders and check it out now!The Early Days of Fruit SlotsNot all theories agree on the question who invented the first slot machine, but most believe it was the one called Liberty Bell , developed by certain Charles Fay back in 1887. It was easy to play and understand, with 3 reels, one payline and just 5 symbols, including diamond, spade, heart, horseshoe and bell.The first fruit machines came onto stage in the early 20th century in USA.In those days, it was illegal to gamble and play for real money, so the earliest recorded winnings were given out in the form of chewing gums with different flavours whereby the winning symbols were showed on the reels. Some of the most popular online slots were cherry and melon.The Psychology of ColoursSo, the early slot machines are the ones we should thank to for involving the fruit-association moment into gambling. It is interesting to mention that the Mills Novelty Company had a Bell-Fruit-Logo on one of the products that was used in these games.However, could there be a deeper psychological explanation standing behind the everlasting popularity of fruit slots? Some tend to believe so. Namely, it is familiar that people react to colours. Depending on your mood, you ll choose to wear light or dark colours.What that has to do with fruit slots? Well, fruits used in slots are presented in a way they exist in the real world. Lemon is yellow, strawberries are red, oranges are orange. Those are all cheerful colours which send positive and happy messages to our brain when we look at them. Delicious and TastyBut hold your breath, because the story doesn t end here. People love food, don t they? And eating has forever been more than just a primary human need. It s a ceremony, a pleasure, and a reason for humans to spend time together.All those delicious-looking fruits ring a bell of a tasty and healthy food.In fact, back in 1963 when Bally developed the first fruit machine called the Money Honey, it featured fruity goodness such as melons, lemons, oranges and cherries. And nowadays it is still the same fruit slots look as appealing as they did at the time when they were invented.Fruity Classic for EveryoneOnline casinos love to offer fruit slots within their selection of games. Reason? They love to please their players and players love playing fruit slots. It s a win-win combination. Among thousands of games emerging out there on a daily basis, the fruity classic never disappoints.Let s face it, whenever you see three cherries or bananas, something starts smiling inside you. That feeling of happiness that could be connected to your childhood or to some other happy thought is hard to ignore.Do you like to play fruit slots and why? Leave your comments at our forum - we are eager to find out what you think.