SiGMA 2017: Experts Explain How CRO Works for Affiliates

Get the Full StoryGood day and welcome to Day 2 at the Summit of iGaming Malta 2017! Yesterday we wrote about the spectacular 2017 Malta iGaming Awards ceremony and BiG Foundation Charity Dinner and now we re going to focus on the values of knowledge that SiGMA promotes. Top-notch lecturers in the iGaming industry will share the best practice tips and the lecture we re about to present handles the topic of CRO for affiliates. How does CRO work? Keep reading and you ll find out!CRO stands for...Imagine you have a bookstore with hundreds of fantastic titles. People walk by your store and get excited looking at the impressive selection of publications, modernly designed and carefully placed on shelves and book racks. But that s all they do. Look. They don t enter. They don t buy.This is where CRO steps in. And what is CRO? CRO, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization, is a method that helps you to measure the rate of your visitors who became converted into paying customers.The affiliate website you re running drives traffic. And you re making sales. You ve made amazing product review articles and know how to use copywriting best practices. But you still feel that your affiliate program could have a better conversion rate. Guess what? You need to use CRO in order to improve your affiliate business.Using CRO to Improve Your Affiliate BusinessSo, how to increase your conversions? Internet marketers try to do it in various ways. On Thursday, the 23rd of November, SiGMA conference gives you an exclusive opportunity to follow Dave Gowans lecture named Conversion Optimization for Affiliates what works and what doesn t? and gain insight into another perspective on the matter.Key points of the lecture emphasize the importance of CRO for affiliate sites. Moreover, they ask the right questions related to having little or no control over the offering, the registration funnel and the landing page. How come you need to implement CRO all of a sudden? Isn t that invented solely for improving the usability of ecommerce sites?Answers to these and many more questions on the topic of Conversion Rate Optimization are based on Dave s own experience optimizing leading affiliate sites in the iGaming and web hosting industries as well as the knowledge he has managed to accumulate working with top online casinos including Betsson and Sportingbet.Knowing more about your visitors, what works for your affiliate website, what should you test and what to avoid are all essential data that once received will help you in boosting your affiliate earnings.The Final NoteMeticulous research, conversion funnel, A B split testing, multivariate testing, call to action, photo usage, headlines strategy and much more is at stake when we talk about CRO. Therefore, Dave Gowan, as the Managing Director of Browser to Buyer and a world-leading expert in conversion optimization, will most certainly be able to make the topic of conversion rate optimization crystal clear.As for more breaking news and top stories from SiGMA 2017, we re already in our bees mode of operation and preparing the material for Day 3 at SiGMA. Join us here on the 24th of November and check out other specialties on the iGaming industry s menu!