All You Need to Know about Slot Variance at Online Casinos

Get the Full StoryHave you ever heard the terms like volatility or variance in combination with online slots? If you ve been part of the world of iGaming for a while, you must have; however, new players will most definitely be confused when first faced with high volatility slots or low variance slots . In order to reduce your confusion to zero, we ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post to online slot volatility and all things related to slot variance. High Variance Slots vs. Low Variance SlotsTo start off, let s define slot variance. To make it as plastic as possible, we can connect the word to risk or more precisely risk factor . So, if a slot is said to be a low variance slot, it generally means that it pays out often, but in smaller amounts. In other words, such online slots are low risk slots.If a slot is said to be a low variance slot, it generally means that it pays out often, but in smaller amounts.On the other hand, if a slot is said to be a high variance slot, then it s been known to reward players with larger jackpots, but not as often. Risk factor? Higher. But so are the payouts.High variance slots, on the other hand, reward players with larger wins, but not as often.Luckily, you can choose slots to your own tastes, preferences and budgets. That s why you should always ask yourself what kind of slots would be a good fit for you and give them a spin in fun mode, before proceeding on to the real deal.Picking Low Volatility SlotsSay you re in the mood for longer sessions where you may nab smaller wins often you should go for low variance slots. Sure, the jackpots are more modest, but at least fun is guaranteed especially if you re on a budget. Some of the most famous low volatility slots include the Starburst slot, Blood Suckers slot, Aloha! Cluster Pays slot just to name a few.Still, remember that even low variance slots may not pay out as often as you want them to; after all, all slot outcomes are arbitrary and you can t really know what s gonna happen and when.The Allure of High Volatility SlotsStill, many players will much rather turn to the so-called high volatility slots as their main goal is the big bucks. Be advised, though; such online slots have more often than not been described as fairly frustrating.So, if you re patient, goal-driven and dreaming of those huge jackpots, these slots are definitely more your cup of tea. The most famous volatile slots include the likes of the Dead of Alive slot, Gonzo s Quest slot, Piggy Riches slot and Thunderstruck slot.What About You?Ultimately, like we said, it all boils down to personal preferences and budget limitations. Either way, we hope you ll be landing wins at online casinos left and right, no matter what kind of online slots you go for.In the meantime, come to our forum and tell us whether you usually go for low volatility or high volatility slots it s a subject that never ceases to be engaging!