Stampede All the Way to Betsoft

Get the Full StoryIf you love nature and you like to travel, then this is the slot for you. Betsoft has joined the popular kids crowd by releasing a new slot of their own. If you pay a visit to any Betsoft Casino you will go on a lifetime adventure across African plains.Let s Run Together!Mighty elephants are once again in the center of attention, and it was their awe-inspiring might that spurred imagination of Betsoft designers when they were creating this classic online slot. Take a trip to African savannah and watch graceful gazelles, tall giraffes and fast zebras stampede in herds along with glorious elephants.This frantic way of moving is exactly what inspired Betsoft to name this magnificent 5-reel and 1024 paylines game. That s right, the new game goes by the name of Stampede and it will lure you in the moment you load the game, and will keep your attention with captivating and interesting gameplay.The sun-bathed landscape with rich and deep colors is waiting for you to make the bets and hit the reels!Stampede into the SunsetStampede slot features some of the most amazing animals that you can encounter in African plains which will help you win in any way possible along the extra-large spread which provides 1024 ways of winning.Step into the grass and the heavy hit as the sun blazes on your shoulders for great wins await.The savannah is brought to life with sight and sound that enhances the gameplay experience. As you immerse into this state of mind, you will run past Free Spins feature, generous scatter pays and frequent Wilds enhanced with some multipliers.Since the gameplay revolves around elephants, it is only reasonable that Elephant symbol is the most dominant on the reels and cause big wins when their stampede starts.The acacia tree shade will award you 20 spins in the Free Spins feature, and in addition you will gain a generous scatter pay. However, you can expect to win additional spins as well during the bonus feature with an added bonus of instant credit win.If this is not enough for you, then let me tell you that there are frequent Wild symbols in this slot which will enhance you winning chances, plus there is the fact that these can appear during the bonus feature with additional multipliers of x2 or x3. To boot, the multipliers can stack which, if you get lucky, can result in you getting impressive x27 multiplier.So waste no more time. Animals are about to Stampede over these newly created Betsoft reels since they can bring you enormous wins.