NetEnt Engage Boosts Casino Performance with a Free Round Widget

Get the Full StoryThe leading provider of digital gaming solutions continues to shine. This time around NetEnt decided to launch Free Round Widget, and they added it to their EngageTM portfolio which will help to boost casino performance. Innovation and CreativityThis widget will turn the things around in the ways we never could thought were possible. It introduces a totally new way of rewarding players with extra spins which is at the same time fun, innovating and exciting. This new tool is bound to increase both player engagement and build loyalty.NetEnt elevates players experience and changes the gameplay!This groundbreaking suite of tools will allow operators to offer an overall player experience which is exclusively tailored to their needs, and with more excitement now than ever. NetEnt Engage opens the doors to a whole new world of in-game entertainment where features get triggered by players and are controlled by casino operators.This fresh new widget is fully customizable, and NetEnt customers will be able to tailor the feature by adding their own branding and message which will make it unique. Free Round Widget will be introduced to all markets, customers and NetEnt online slots that support free rounds.NetEnt s Chief Product Officer, Henrik Fagerlund said: "Free Round Widget is a great addition to NetEnt Engage, which is packed full of performance-boosting products and features, and another example of how NetEnt is committed to driving the online casino market forward through better gaming solutions."Placing players engagement in the forefront is huge, which is why NetEnt is constantly improving and thinking of new and exciting ways to facilitate this.The Benefits The Free Round Widget will show to be beneficial to both operators and players. It is a great addition packed with everything that one might need to provide players with unique gaming experience.NetEnt designed this Free Round Widget in attempt to break out from the monotonous and traditional free spins promotion. The widget aims to make the spins rounds promotion more exciting and to provide players with better experience. So how did NetEnt envisioned to do this exactly?This Free Round widget is looking to solve the monotony of tradition by adding the element of surprise. Bigger chances for gaining more spins than promised will surely get players engaged. As for the operators, they will get full control on how players will trigger this widget.The widget is, in its essence, concocted as a fortune wheel which you need to spin to see how many spins you will get. Regardless of how many symbols trigger the feature, you will still get the equal chance winning both max number of spins and minimum one.