EnergyCasino Partners Awards Affiliates with 2K and reMarkable Tablets

Get the Full StoryChristmas is on the way and EnergyCasino Partners have an exciting announcement related to the most celebrated of all holidays! If you re running an affiliate marketing business or have a casino affiliate program, then what you re about to read will make your day. EnergyPartners have decided to give away 2,000 in cash for your affiliate accomplishments. But that s not all, because top-quality affiliate content may also bring something spectacular to its makers. Believe it or not, brand new reMarkable tablets are up for grabs and here s what you need to do to get these prizes. Win a Share of 2K CashSo, Christmas is getting closer by the minute and you have a list of gifts and stuff you need to buy. You re making the calculation and all of a sudden you realize that you could really use an extra cash money injection. And voila, before you know it, your dream is knocking at your door. EnergyCasino Partners are awarding affiliates with most NDC s for EnergyCasino s Christmas Calendar promo in December!To become eligible for the promotion, the affiliates have to create a separate affiliate marketing source called Christmas Calendar in their affiliate account. The promotion is valid for December and includes three cash prizes:1st prize: 1,0002nd prize: 6003rd prize: 400The promotional period ends on the 31st of December. Pay attention that only NDC s under the special marketing source will be counted during the promo. reMarkable Tablets for PrizeYes, tablet sounds like one of those new fancy words that haven t been used much until the big boom of computer technology. Maybe you didn t know but the first patent for a system that recognized handwritten characters dates to 1914. And 100 years later you have tablets all over the place. We need them, we use them, we like to get them as a present.EnergyCasino Partners editorial team awards the best copywriters affiliates for their affiliate content with reMarkable tablets! Did someone mention a present? Write an informative, catchy, funny content which should be focused on EnergyCasino s Christmas Calendar and snag one from a limited number of reMarkable digital paper tablets.Digital paper tablets are the state-of-the-art gadgets that provide a unique paper-like reading, writing and sketching experience which will blow you out of your shoes. Wait no more, sign up to EnergyCasino Partners affiliate program and show your content writing potential.Only the best content can look forward to getting the prizes, but the good thing is that it can be provided in 8 languages, including English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. Happy writing!