11 New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Gaming in 2018

Get the Full StoryNew Year is right at our doorstep and you know what that means: you should be wrapping up your New Year s resolutions! Here's an idea: how about you start working on improving your online gambling habits in 2018? It might be something you haven't thought of before, but even if so, these 11 resolutions are easy enough that you ll be able to stick with them.1: Be More Adventurous with Your GamesIt s tempting to stick with tried online slots and quite difficult to break the habit of playing the same thing over and over again. But when you do that too much, it just gets, well, boring. And that s the last thing gambling should be!So, switch things up. Try something totally different. If you re a slot lover like millions of other players, take a walk on the wild side and master a table game. Or check out those games collecting dust in the Other category in any online casino you like. You never know what new favourites you might find!2: Keep a Gambling JournalLet s be honest: keeping track of our wins and losses is hard. Unless you have a photographic memory, you probably have no idea how well you re doing this month with Lady Luck.To keep things in perspective, start a gambling journal and keep track of your wins and losses.Our recommendation? Get a gambling journal! It s actually one of the most valuable tools in keeping yourself accountable. You can use a plain old notebook or make a spreadsheet on your computer whatever s easier and more appealing to you. To keep things simple, just jot down the date, game, casino, and how much you won or lost at the end. It only takes a few seconds and really helps to keep things in perspective.3: Make Better Use of Bonuses and PromotionsFinding online casino bonuses is no rocket science. We update them every single day right here on AskGamblers! And if you aren t taking the time to find good deals, you re missing out on one of the best things about playing at online casinos.4: Don t Let Time Slip AwayEven when you ve got a clock on your screen, time still manages to slip away when you play. Before you know it, it s an hour past your bedtime. Been there, done that.Set a time limit before gambling and, once the alarm goes off, log off.The only way you can keep yourself from gaming too long is to set a limit before you start. Grab a kitchen timer or just use the alarm on your phone. When it goes off, log out no ifs, ands or buts. Odds are you ll enjoy your casino experience a lot more.5: Read More Books about GamingGambling is all about luck at the end of the day, but the smarter you are, the luckier you ll be. Why not make this year all about learning? You can start with the free guides right here on AskGamblers and the most encompassing of all the AskGamblers Gambling Guide.Also, check out our Ultimate Reading List for everything from online gambling tips from Mensa to the history of craps.6: Try a New Online CasinoIt s easy to play at the same place over and over again, especially when you know they re reliable. But when you do that, you miss out on tons of free bonus cash and all sorts of games!Finding a new casino doesn t have to be scary; look for Certified Casinos and you ll know you re safe!Finding a new online casino or even mobile casino to try doesn t have to be scary. There s hundreds of trustworthy sites in our online casino reviews index. Plus, if you re still wary, one way you can never go wrong is if a casino holds the esteemed AskGamblers Certificate of Trust. So, look for Certified Casinos and you re safe as can be!7: Cut Back on the Booze when You PlayAlcohol and gambling go together like bread and butter, so having a cold one is part of the experience for a lot of people. And... That s okay!However, do try to keep it in check. It s no secret that a little liquor can really lower your inhibitions and make it harder to concentrate. One drink too many can lead to oversized bets and stupid mistakes at the tables.It s a simple fix: just set aside the amount of booze you want to drink before you start playing. Your bankroll will thank you.8: Stay Within Your BudgetResponsible gaming is all about managing your cash wisely. Having a budget will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy those wins even more. If you haven t already set a gambling budget, we highly recommend you make one this New Year. There s plenty of free budget apps available to help you get started!9: Be More Responsible with Your WinningsWhat s the first thing you think of when you cash out some winnings? Probably what you want to buy with them! That s totally fine every time you look at that new blender or car! , you ll treasure that win a little bit more.Always set some of the winnings aside future you will thank you.But before you make any big purchases, why not throw a little cash in your nest egg? You should never rely on gambling winnings for your savings, but consider it a gift to the future you.10: Stop Chasing LossesNo amount of budgeting can help if you ve gotten in the habit of chasing losses. It simply goes against responsible gaming. It s safe to say most people have done it once or twice, but when you spend most playing with cash you didn t plan on using, you re on a slippery slope to a real problem.Start by taking a break from gambling completely. Most casinos have cool off options that you can set without having to talk to anyone. Work on setting a realistic budget and finding new activities to occupy your time with. If you decide you still can t stick to your limits, there s plenty of problem gambling resources that can help you.11: Always Have FunAbove all else, gambling should be about having fun. Why spend time and money doing something you don t enjoy?So here s a resolution worth keeping: when it stops being fun, stop. This way you ll be able to take every little loss in stride and every win will be even sweeter! Here s to the best gaming year ever!Your iGaming New Year s Resolutions?So what s your New Year s resolution going to be? Will you try to stick to any of the ones we've listed? Join the discussion over on our forum and ring in the New Year with the best players on the web.