Dana White to boxers: Nobody can offer a better deal in combat sports than me

Get the Full StoryDana White addresses his critics as the UFC faces the year 2018. UFC president Dana White has been hounded by critics who believe that the company is in dire financial straits. Veteran promoter Bob Arum, for one, says White is venturing into boxing because the UFC is cratering.

The brash UFC executive recently spoke to ESPN, where he responded to all the disapprovals against him. The first thing he made clear is his promotion prowess, not only for mixed martial arts but for combat sports as a whole.

Whoever an athlete is, I don t care who it is, I want to fly you to Las Vegas and we re going to meet, White said. I m going to walk you through this new facility, show you the gym, the trainers, all the amenities. Free supplements, physical therapy, we ll cook your food exactly how you like it three times per day. You ll get health insurance.

Who can offer you a better deal than me in combat sports? F--- boxing, MMA, whatever it is, he added. Who can offer a better deal than me? The answer is nobody.

This is what we do. Keep doubting us.

White feels the UFC has been at its peak of success, and he mainly attributes it to the sale to WME. And with the way he is looking at it, the company is still on a rise.

I think the 2016 sale has everything to do with it, White said. Everybody is looking at that 4 billion sale and asking, Did they deliver? F--k yeah, we delivered. We deliver every single year. And still, every year, if you listen to the media, we re f---ed.

WME-IMG Endeavor bought us for 4 billion, and obviously they need to hit certain numbers for the banks, he continued. Right now, I m spending another 1 million at UFC s Las Vegas headquarters on another wing I want. That s how bad of a year we re having.

Ari Emanuel wants to buy the building next door and build more s---. We re still growing.