This 1,000 laundry-folding robot is my favorite bad idea from CES

Get the Full StoryWho actually likes doing laundry?

First you have to sort through your clothes, organize them by material and color, wash them, dry them then after all that, fold them. But what if you could have a subservient robot take care of the last step for you?

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That's the um ... bad idea behind FolidMate, the 980 laundry-folding robot being shown off at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The original concept for the machine was on display at last year's conference, but it didn't have any moving components. This year, the creators have rigged up the machine to accept clothing you feed it, but it still doesn't actually fold the clothes. Read more...More about Ces, Robots, Machines, Smart Home, and Ces 2018