LG's 'OLED Canyon' perfectly symbolizes the excess of CES 2018

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LG Electronics must have had something to prove this year at CES because it went over the top with its long, winding, 92-foot-long "OLED Canyon" made up of more than 240 displays.

Image: Mashable brian wongOkay, fine. It's really, really pretty. But it just seems like a gigantic waste of energy even in a place with enough gadgets and gizmos to outshine the Las Vegas Strip. This pathway is bright as hell.

The canyon experience is a follow up to LG's extremely successful "OLED Tunnel" that premiered at CES 2016. This year, eager to build something just as Instagram-friendly, LG decided to give us a haunted house-style walkthrough experience. Read more...More about Ces, Lg, Tvs, Oled, and Lg Display