The power just went out at CES, the biggest electronics conference of the year

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The power went out on Wednesday at CES, the giant tech conference taking place in Las Vegas this week.

The outage primarily impacted the Central Hall, the same area of the conference that flooded on Tuesday as the Nevada desert experienced a rare bout of rainfall.

Central Hall is where large tech companies like Intel, Sony, and Samsung have their exhibits set up.

Meyhem erupted at CES Wednesday as a power outage in the Central Hall shut down the giant tech conference, taking place in Las Vegas this week.

Staff were told to close all entrances to Central Hall, according to show management. Not even exhibitors were allowed into some areas.

The power outages appeared to be isolated to Central Hall, the exhibit space with tech companies like Intel, Sony, and Samsung.

The other exhibit spaces, North and South Halls, had normal power. Both remained open to CES attendees, though some entrances with access to the Central Hall were closed down.

Organizers of the event sent a tweet to attendees encouraging them to "get outside."

Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 951179147627253760?ref_src twsrc tfwWhile we work through this isolated power outage feel free to visit our exhibitors in South Hall and North Hall. Also get outside on this beautiful Las Vegas day and check out Central and South Plaza. #CES2018

Here's what attendees are seeing on the ground:

Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 951174241109471232?ref_src twsrc tfwIntroducing Blackout : The biggest thing to hit #CES2018 since #5G. #CESblackout xObxxxHvQeTweet Embed:https: mims statuses 951174865809059840?ref_src twsrc tfwPower s out here at #CES2018 - good thing there s no tech that uses electricity or anything like that!!! BKXyyx8mgcTweet Embed:https: mims statuses 951171344514691072?ref_src twsrc tfwJuggler making most of #lightsout at #ces u0XeJ72yO5Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 951182290008158208?ref_src twsrc tfwLights out at CES: Giant trade show plunges into darkness, knocks out Samsung, LG, and https: F3OdRin0gn ye85GsD1Nc

Here's more photos from the scene:

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