A relatively small gaming company not a tech giant just invented the computer of the future

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Razer has a history of bold experimentation. During last year's Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, Razer showed off an outlandish three-screened gaming laptop concept that was a bit too crazy to end up in consumer's hands.

This year, however, Razer's concept product is somewhat tame, but in a good way. In fact, the San Francisco-based gaming company may very well have figured out how we'll be using computers in the not-too-distant future.

Razer's "Project Linda" is essentially a docking station for its Razer Phone smartphone that turns the Phone into a laptop with a 13.3-inch display and keyboard that can also re-charge the phone. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Check it out:The concept is that smartphones will become the only device you'll ever need for leisure and productivity.

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You can do the basic stuff with your smartphone like perusing the web, social media, and using basic apps. And when you need to be more productive, like writing long emails or documents and switching between multiple browser tabs, you can place the Razer Phone into Project Linda to benefit from a larger screen and keyboard.

Project Linda is essentially a docking station for the Razer Phone that takes the form and functionality of a laptop, which is genius.

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The Phone fits in an enclosure that's found where you'd usually find a laptop's trackpad. Once in the enclosure, a simple button press extends a USB-C connector from the laptop into the Razer Phone's USB-C port, and just like that, you have a laptop.

I've seen a dock that lets you connect a smartphone to a monitor and lets you run apps like you would on a computer, but Project Linda is the first where the dock has everything you need in one portable package, like a laptop.

The Phone acts as a trackpad.

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The Phone's screen acts as the laptop's trackpad, and it worked well when I tried it at CES 2018. It's incredibly responsive to your finger movements and feels just like your laptop's trackpad, albeit much smoother due to the Phone's glass display.

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