Gordon Ramsay Got A Haircut, Now Looks Like The Last Guy Who Ghosted Me

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This week, Gordon Ramsay is preparing for the grand opening of his first-ever Hell s Kitchen-themed restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Its formal grand opening is on January 26. You can make reservations here.

Erik Kabik Caesars Palace

To ready himself for all the photo opps to come, Ramsay also got a haircut.



Erik Kabik Caesars Palace

Is it me or are the sides a little... aggressive??? _ _

Erik Kabik Caesars Palace

Here he is, legit looking like the last guy who ghosted me:

Erik Kabik Caesars Palace

Here he is again, with dozens of employees he recruited with a single "u up" text.

Erik Kabik Caesars Palace

But BTW, Gordon has actually been married to Tana Ramsay for 21 years, and is probably just going through an awkward hair phase.

The aggressive fade should grow out in time for the actual opening.

Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images