Wireless audio tech was the underrated hero of CES 2018 here are the wireless headphones and earbuds that were announced

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This year's International Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas showcased some of the most interesting technology trends expected in 2018. From wall-sized televisions to standalone VR headsets, CES 2018 showed how tech companies are pushing the limits of what is possible.

Though there weren't many interesting updates from the audio sector, several brands showed off several new wireless headphones and earbuds offerings that consumers will appreciate in 2018. Aside from the many interesting designs we saw, there were also plenty of new wireless offerings with more futuristic features, like faster quick charging and data transfer, and the ability to connect multiple devices to a single audio source.

Check out some of the new wireless-audio products showcased at CES 2018: JVC's sports earbuds can adjust to the shape of your ear


JVC's HA-ET90BT wireless sports earbuds are water resistant and come with a charging case, which provides two full charges of power. The headphones offer three hours of battery life from a single charge. They will be available in March for 149.95.

JVC also announced the JVC XX HA-ET103BT headphones, which feature deep-bass playback and noise-canceling abilities. It also unveiled the HA-S20BT Flats Wireless headphones, which feature a stylish design and pastel color options.

Audio Technica's wireless headphones target a wide range of consumers

Audio Technica

Audio-Technica's wireless headphone lineup addresses the needs for several different users, including those that desire the cleanest music experience possible, water-resistant sports headphones, a pair focusing on noise cancellation, and a pair for the budget-conscious.

House of Marley's Uprise wireless headphones make use of simple recyclables

House of Marley

House of Marley is known for having an eco-friendly spin on its products. Its latest Uprise wireless headphones are water-resistant and made of recycled silicone and wood. They will be available to consumers in June for 99.99.

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