A ton of new smartphones were announced last week at CES here are the 11 to keep an eye on

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Many new smartphones were announced and showcased at CES 2018 last week.

Some devices introduced new and interesting features, while other announcements confirmed US availability for certain smartphones.

Consumers can expect to see some of the CES trends, such as in-display fingerprint sensors and face-unlock features, in more smartphones throughout 2018.

Some of the top smartphone trends at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show CES include in-display fingerprint sensors and face-unlock features for devices outside of the high-end tier.

Many device makers introduced or announced US availability for their products during the Las Vegas convention as well.

Consumers can expect to see many of the smartphone technologies showcased at CES 2018 not only in these recently-announced devices, but also in products to be unveiled throughout the year.

Check out some of the new smartphones showcased at CES 2018: The Vivo Phone is the first major phone with a fingerprint sensor embedded inside the display.


Chinese manufacturer Vivo was the first to showcase a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen.

The device's name is now confirmed as the Vivo X20 UD and it is expected to release sometime in early 2018; however, it likely won't be available in the US.

At CES, Vivo demonstrated the in-display fingerprint scanner technology, developed by the component maker Synaptics. The technology is called "Clear ID" and uses an optical sensor to identify the user's fingerprints. The sensor is located underneath the device's display, which allows it to maintain a full-screen look without any buttons on its front.

The Vivo X20 is expected to be one of many smartphones to release in 2018 with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is coming to the US

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Huawei announced US availability for its Mate 10 Pro smartphone at CES, but unfortunately the launch was shrouded by controversy.

The Chinese device maker was expected to announce the Mate 10 Pro would sell through AT&T in the US, but the carrier backed out of its deal with Huawei at the last minute before the smartphone was announced. Later reports indicated there was heavy government concern that Huawei's devices may have security risks in the US.

Still, Huawei is selling the Mate 10 Pro as an unlocked model in the US for 599. Despite the controversy, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro has been well received by reviewers, who highlight its camera, battery power, and unique AI features.

Huawei also showcased other smartphones, including the Honor 7X and Honor View 10, at CES.

Sony finally jumps on the rear-facing fingerprint sensor trend


Sony announced three mid-range phones at CES: the Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Ultra, and Xperia L2.

All of these devices include a long-awaited feature: rear-facing fingerprint scanners. Sony has been considered behind the trends by not introducing the feature, which has been popular for at least two years.

Sony has not revealed pricing details for the smartphones, but they are expected to release in February.

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