Our gambling guide to the best bets for the NFC and AFC Championships this weekend

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After another wild weekend of football that exceeded all expectations, there's only four teams remaining and three games left until a Super Bowl champion is crowned.

Sadly, that means there's just three more games left for bettors to gamble on before the long offseason. But there's no time to fret about the offseason yet there's still money to be made before we pack up our winnings and head home.

Last week we put about 1,000 hypothetical dollars on the line and ended up with a net loss of 100 after the miraculous Stefon Diggs touchdown gave the Vikings the win and covered our 4.5 on the Saints. A tough loss, but it was worth it for the fantastic reaction videos we got out of Minnesota fans awestruck by their victory. Even Case Keenum was surprised!

That said, because we were down last week and have so few games remaining to build up our bankroll, we're increasing the sizes of our hypothetical bets a bit today in an effort to walk with as much as possible after Super Bowl Sunday.

Below are our best bets for this weekend of NFL action. All lines come courtesy of the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook.Jacksonville Jaguars 8.5 at New England Patriots Sunday, 3:40 p.m. ET

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The bet: Jaguars 8.5 330 to win 300

The logic: I'm a bit nervous about how many people are talking about how the Jaguars match up pretty well with the Patriots... but the Jaguars match up pretty well with the Patriots. It might already be too trendy a take to come to fruition, but I believe it, and I'd definitely prefer not to bet on the Patriots to make the Super Bowl again.

The Pats have shown that they will let strong teams stay in games throughout the season, and despite whatever Blake Bortles joke you want to make, the Jaguars are a strong team this year. They should be able to hold their own when the Pats go five-wide on third-and-six, and if they can pressure Brady and get him uncomfortable, the Jags have a shot to win outright.

Over Under 28 points scored for Patriots

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The bet: Under 28 points for the Patriots 110 to win 100

The logic: Despite allowing the Steelers to put up 42 points last weekend, the Jaguars' defense is still one of the strongest defensive units in the league, and with their elite corps of defensive backs, they feel specifically suited to be able to get stops on the Patriots when called upon.

Further, the Patriots have not quite been the offensive powerhouse that they've been in years past. While in flashes it has appeared that they're able to score at will, they only cleared 28 points in one of their final five regular season games. If the Jaguars can make a few stops in their own territory to turn touchdowns into field goals and field goals into punts, they can hold the Patriots to under 28.

Over Under 69.5 yards receiving for Rob Gronkowski

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The bet: Over 69.5 yards for Gronk 110 to win 100

The logic: Despite how much I like the Jaguars defense to match up against the Patriots receivers, Gronkowski is still a clear mismatch for Jacksonville that will take time to adjust to. Watch out for Gronk to be a constant target of Brady's when his other options are all clamped down in coverage.

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