The 6 best watches ever worn by James Bond

Get the Full StoryOMEGA"He could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex."

So says Ian Fleming in his debut 007 novel, "Casino Royale." But James Bond has never been one to follow rules especially when there's a lucrative endorsement deal to be had , and over the past 56 years his weapon-grade wrist has played host to some of the most iconic and eclectic tickers in cinema history.

One line from that book has remained true, however: "A gentleman s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Savile Row suit."

Here are 6 that said the most:1. Rolex Submariner

Dr. No

Seen in: "Dr No," "From Russia With Love," "Goldfinger," 'Thunderball"

The world-renowned OG of 007 timepieces, a "Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner" graced Sean Connery s bushy, Richard Keys-ian wrist for the franchise s first four films.

Recently sold at auction for 60,000, the iconic watch s starring moment came in "Goldfinger," when Connery illuminated the dial with a lighter. Some fans believe that it was actually one of Connery's personal possessions.

2. Gruen Precision 510

Dr. No

Seen in: "Dr No," "You Only Live Twice"

While the Rolex Submariner has become synonymous with Bond s early adventures, the first timepiece he actually wore on-screen was the Gruen "Precision." Bet you feel like a fool now, eh? In fairness, it was barely visible as Bond dealt cards in this scene.

The gold dress watch was a perfect low-key alternative to the sportier Submariner, with a black fabric strap and stripped-back design. Gruen, once one of the biggest watch manufacturers in America, went out of business in 1977.

3. Hamilton Pulsa P2 2900 "Astronaut"


Seen in: "Live and Let Die"

Ignore the fact that it looks like a Jetson family microwave. The Pulsar P2 was technically advanced for its time, and Roger Moore brought into the digital hype for 1973 s "Live and Let Die."

LED technology soon fell out of favour once LCD screens arrived on the scene, and Bond sheepishly ditched the timepiece forever. You can pick one up for around a grand.

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