We tried 7 new flavors Ben & Jerry s just launched and we couldn t get enough

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We tried seven of the 11 new flavors Ben & Jerry's just launched.

There are three new flavors of pint slices, two new non-dairy flavors, three "lighter" flavors, and three truffle pint flavors.

We were thoroughly impressed by the brand's creativity and the fact that their ingredients tasted real and delicious.

Ben & Jerry's has long been known for their creative flavors.

In recent years, the Vermont-based company has released ice cream cartons topped with a layer of chocolate, and delectable pint slices.

Now, Ben & Jerry's is announcing the launch of 11 new flavors for 2018.

INSIDER was lucky enough to try seven of the new flavors ahead of their launch.

Keep scrolling to see what we thought.Ben & Jerry's 11 new flavors fall into four categories: pint slices, Moophoria lightened up versions , non-dairy, and truffle pints.

Sarah Schmalbruch INSIDER

The new pint slices are ice cream flavors that have been around for a while but are only now available in this form: Cherry Garcia, The Tonight Dough, and Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz.

Sarah Schmalbruch INSIDER

Moophoria is a line of "light" flavors that have fewer calories, less sugar, and 60 to 70 less fat than the brand's regular flavors.

Sarah Schmalbruch INSIDER

The flavor pictured above is Chocolate Milk & Cookies, which is made of vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies. It has 560 calories per pint and 140 calories per serving.

Ben & Jerry's says that, unlike other "light" or "diet" ice creams, Moophoria flavors aren't made with sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes, meaning that they won't have that odd, chemical-like aftertaste found in many other "healthy" ice creams.

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