14 References You Probably Missed While Watching "Black Panther" For The First Time

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The movie sticks closely with inspiration from the "Black Panther" comic books. For example, Killmonger's mask is a tribute to the one the character uses in the comics.


The scene where Killmonger throws T'Challa off the cliff is also straight from the comics...

The scene is featured in ''Panther's Rage,'' one of the superhero's biggest stories.


As is Killmonger's gold accented costume...


And the battle rhinos!

So now you know that the rhinos weren't totally random.


As well as M'Baku's costume and headdress:

In most of his appearances in the Marvel universe, M'Baku is T'Challa's enemy and goes by the name ''Man-Ape.''


T'Challa's sneakers are inspired by Marty McFly's shoes...

When Shuri gives T'Challa some new shoes and compares them to an ''old movie dad used to like," it's a reference to the self-lacing sneakers Marty gets in Back to the Future II.

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And Klaue is based on a comic book character, too.

In the comics, Klaue is a super villain who is actually after Wakanda's vibranium and has a mechanic hand that sends strong sound waves. The prosthesis he gets in the movie is a clear tribute to his appearance in the comics.


Oh, and yep, that was a reference to Donald Trump's wall:

In the first scene after the credits, T-Challa gives a speech to the UN where he says that ''only fools build walls,'' which is a clear reference to Donald Trump and the wall he wants to build between Mexico and the US.


Meanwhile, Wakanda is fictional, but the language spoken there is not:

The language characters speak is Xhosa, a language spoken by more than 8 million South Africans.


And Shuri calling Bucky "White Wolf" is a reference to an important character from the comic book storylines, too:

This post-credits scene is probably a hint of what's to come Bucky, who we met in Captain America: Winter Soldier and is assumed to be kept on ice and out of sight during Black Panther may be taking up the mantle of T'Challa's adoptive elder brother, White Wolf, from the comics.


The older and younger versions of T'Chaka were played by actors who are actually father and son.

The resemblance between the two actors who played King T'Chaka is no coincidence they're actually father and son in real life: John and Atandwa Kani.

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Oh, and by the way, there's a reason the whole movie feels very James Bond-y.

Secret missions in casinos, car chases, trips around the world and a secret lab full of gadgets it's no coincidence. Director Ryan Coogler purposefully took inspiration from the 007 films to bring Black Panther to life.


Many of the artists on the Black Panther soundtrack have performed at Coachella, which makes Shuri's joke about going to the music festival even better

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And finally, there's a chance that the next Black Panther is...Shuri!

If we're sticking to the comics, where Shuri eventually becomes the Black Panther, that is.


So there you have it an official excuse to see Black Panther again and again, and again! .


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