Pick Your Rewards with the VIP Guilds at Wild Tornado Casino

Get the Full StoryIf you love your cashback and your bonuses you need to join the VIP Guild which is the incredible VIP program over at Wild Tornado Casino. The online casino is rewarding you with the bonuses you like and it s easy to become a member and start enjoying the benefits of a boosted bankroll. Earn Better RewardsThe moment you join Wild Tornado Casino you ll become an instant member of their VIP program and how you use it from there is up to you! You just need to select the VIP Guild during the sign-up process and once you ve activated your account you ll reach the 1st level of the VIP Program! Easy.Sign up and activate you re account to become a member of the VIP Program at Wild Tornado Casino.There s a cool four different guilds you can choose from which you can select during sign up depending on what kind of rewards you want to earn!How it WorksYou ll get to pick from rewards that include cashback, bonuses, comp points and casino spins. So whichever one of those you like best you just pick the matching Guild to join that program. Here are the four you can pick from:Tornado Guild CashbackTsunami Guild BonusesLightning Guild Comp PointsStorm Guild Casino SpinsYou ll unlock extra rewards as you play and remember you go straight in at level one as soon as you select it during sign-up. Make sure you pick up all your perks along the way and the more you play the more you ll be rewarded. You can also switch Guilds at any time by contacting support and you can still take advantage of all the casinos weekly offers on top too. Lucky HoursAnd, in addition to all that you can also use the casinos Lucky Hours on Saturday. Just play between 2pm to 6pm and use the following according to your Guild:Lightning 25 spins for any deposit from 30 up to 3 timesStorm 25 spins for any deposit from 30 up to 3 timesTsunami 25 spins for any deposit from 30 up to 3 timesTornado 15 cashback for any deposits from 300You ll also find the full terms and conditions over at the casino. Good luck.