NetEnt Drop a Double Multi-Million Jackpot in Just 24 Hours

Get the Full StoryJust when you think you ve heard it all NetEnt raise the bar and drops a double jackpot! The gaming suppliers are celebrating something that is sure to go down in history after two life changing multi-million jackpots are one on the exact same day. Dreams Do Come TrueNetEnt are home to some of the largest online slot games that boasts jackpots that really can change lives and they just continue to prove why they remain so popular in the iGaming world. In just a mere 24 hours NetEnt made two multi-millionaires and they ve just raised that already high bar!NetEnt pay out two multi-million-pound jackpots in the space of just 24 hours.And it really isn t surprising to learn which of their jackpot games produced the wins either! The second incredible jackpot prize of 2,667,743.19 was won on their extremely popular Mega Fortune Slot at PokerStars Casino.It was won by a lucky UK player on the 7th March on just a 1 spin! The shocked Brit told the casino I put my hand over the screen because I thought, I ve got no chance of winning this, I want it to be a surprise . It spun. When I took my hand away and saw what happened I almost passed out. No this can t be real. Another Jackpot And, on the same day their Mega Fortune Dreams Slot paid an even more impressive 4,084,430 at a different online casino. By our calculations that s over 6m in just 24 hours! Pretty amazing we think you ll agree! Happy NetEnt TeamHenrik Fagerlund who is the Chief Product Officer at NetEnt was so thrilled with the jackpots he said The jackpots just keep on dropping at the moment and two in one day is a record for us. The big and frequent wins are of course why players love NetEnt jackpot games so much. I would like to congratulate The Stars Group, and PokerStars Casino for what is their biggest ever online-win payout! Let s hope this amazing start to 2018 continues. I look forward to seeing NetEnt s popular jackpot games changing more lives! And we second that too!