Open Post: Hosted By The Star Of The Tom Brady Comedy Roast

Get the Full StoryAs Tom Brady asked a Met Gala server if the kitchen could whip him up a bowl of steamed organic grass lightly drizzled with distilled air, he was getting roasted on Twitter by haters who just can t take his impeccable taste in suits that make him look like the day-shift manager of a Zorro-themed casino in Reno.

Both Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen wore Versace, but both outfits look more like Versayce knock-offs sewn together by Molly Abrams in a trailer. That was way harsh to Molly. She could definitely sew better outfits. Neither of them were on theme unless Gisele was going for Vatican City s third most popular call girl and Tom Brady was going for a bodyguard for Siegfried and Roy who just so happens to be Catholic ?

Whatever look the human visualization of a brain fart was going for, Twitter dragged him for it. USA Today has a rundown of many of the slams against Tom, but here s a couple.

tom brady looks like he's about to ask a room full of people to suspend their disbelief and believe in the power of magic just for one night VO98UB5gyq

Mina Kimes minakimes May 7, 2018

Tom Brady look like the accountant for a mariachi band 2wu4idsXLH

Clue Heywood ClueHeywood May 8, 2018

What I m getting from those tweets is that they re obviously jealous and wish they had enough clout to get Versace to make them an exact replica of a funeral suit they once saw in an International Male catalog circa 1992!

If you need a palate cleanser of hotness, here s a Versace-wearing Chadwick Boseman making sinful thirsty hos get on their knees and beg him to forgive them for their sins and make the sign of the cross on their faces. I didn t say make the sign of the cross on their faces with his peen. I m NOT that blasphemous!


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