This controversial Supercross star has 20 minutes to make 1 million

Get the Full StoryAt the Monster Energy Supercross World Finals in Las Vegas, a French racing star marred by controversy has 20 minutes to win a championship bonus worth more than 1 million. 28-year-old Marvin Musquin arrived in Las Vegas for the Supercross World Finals after two consecutive wins, putting him just a few points behind Jason Anderson in the season standings. The racer with the most points at the end of the final race wins the championship, along with a bonus from his team sponsor worth more than 1 million.After a consistent season-long effort, all Anderson needs to do is finish in the top ten. However, thanks to his recent surge in points, a win by Musquin would push him to the top of the leaderboard, and the championship would be his. Following is a transcript of the video.Eli Tomac: Where do you draw the line? Like, for a super-aggressive pass? That pass was over the line.Marvin Musquin: Yeah, that's racing, you know? Sometimes things like that happen, you know?When I'm on the bike, I try to focus on myself. The heart rate is high, the breathing is high. Sometimes you battle with somebody else and there are tensions. The adrenaline of it is something unique.TV Announcer: They ve battled all year from coast to coast. They re set to settle it here in Vegas!Narrator: This is Supercross: the motorcycle racing series that fills stadiums across America. At the final round of the 2018 season in Las Vegas, it all comes down to the main event, where one racer will ride off with a championship bonus worth more than 1 million. This year, the field has narrowed to two men. Current points leader Jason Anderson simply needs to finish in the top ten, and the championship is his. That is unless one other racer finishes first. For the controversial French Supercross star Marvin Musquin, it s all or nothing.But Musquin better watch his back because Eli Tomac aims to spoil his run at the championship. Even if Tomac wins the race, he won t have enough points for the championship, or the big money... but revenge? Some would say that s priceless.The sport of off-road motorcycle racing, or Motocross, debuted in England in the 1920 s. By the late 40 s, it had invaded the U.S. In the early 70s, the sport moved into stadiums, where it became known as Supercross.TV Announcer: For all the champagne, glory and gold, we re underway!Narrator: By the 80 s, it was a national obsession. It inspired movies, video games, and garnered lucrative sponsorship deals for the sport s biggest stars. For today s Supercross athletes, the goal is pretty much the same: win races and collect checks from sponsors.Ralph Sheheen: Welcome to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas for our 2018 championship weekend. Like to begin today by bringing out our athletes. First up, the rider, the number 25, Red Bull KTM Marvin MusquinNarrator: One of the sport s biggest stars is 28-year-old Marvin Musquin from France. On his last trip to Vegas, he hit the jackpot. TV Broadcaster: Marvin Musquin wins all three!Narrator: Eight months earlier, he won the Monster Energy Cup and a check for a million bucks after winning all three main events.Ralph Sheheen: What s your mindset coming into tomorrow night s race? TWO WEEKS EARLIER FOXBOROUGH, MA TV broadcaster: This set up one of the most controversial finishes this season. Half a lap to go, Musquin sees his opening, SMASHES into the side of Tomac, takes him out. The crowd not happy. They were booing Musquin. Narrator: Musquin s move at Foxborough got him the win, and pushed him into contention for the championship but pushed Eli Tomac even further out.Reporter: Eli, What happened out there?Eli Tomac: I just got blasted and It was out of nowhere and it was a cheap shot.Reporter: Marvin?Musquin: What?

Reporter: Your response to that?

Musquin: I m sorry about what happened with the crash. It could have been bad for me too. For a win, sometimes you gotta try your hardest.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:30 behind-the-scenes secrets about Chip and Joanna Gaines' 'Fixer Upper'We drove a 57,500 Tesla Model 3 and a 43,000 Chevy Bolt to see which all-electric we liked better here's the verdictMelania Trump flew to Texas to visit immigrant children wearing a jacket that says 'I really don't care, do u?'