The best new technology we saw at CES 2019

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Business Insider scoured the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to find the very best cutting-edge tech.

The best new technology we saw at the show came from Kia, with its "Real-Time Emotion Adaptive Driving" tech, or READ.

READ scans passengers in the car, detecting their heart rate and facial expressions, to provide a more customizable driving experience tailored around how you're feeling.

Cars are soon going to be able to drive themselves and that means automakers can start designing vehicles that don't need steering wheels, or even traditional seats for that matter.

At CES, the biggest annual tech show in the world, we saw lots of car companies presenting their ideas for what driverless cars could look like, or do.

But the coolest car concept we saw at CES 2019, and easily the best new technology we glimpsed at the show, is what Kia calls real-time emotion adaptive driving, or READ.

Take a look.

READ, which was co-developed by Kia and researchers from MIT, uses artificial intelligence to customize the in-car experience based on the passenger s emotional state.


The car can monitor heart rate and read facial expressions, and it uses that data to adjust the lighting and sounds in the car to complement your mood.


If you re tired, or stressed, for example, Kia s READ system could dim the lighting and turn on some relaxing music.


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