Drake Continues His Spending Spree With A New Car Valued At 1.4 Million

Get the Full StoryI don t know if Drake has secret cancer or what but he s been blowing through little Adonis inheritance at an alarming rate these past few months. He recently bought himself a 400,000 iPhone case for Valentine s Day which he has probably already dropped in the toilet a few times. And now he s just dropped 1.4 million on a car which he bought with the help of his Bespoker . I hear you, what the actual fuck is a Bespoker? If you have to ask, you can t afford it.

According to Complex, Drake s new whip is a limited edition, convertible Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet that has drink holders that can heat up your hot drinks, and cool down your cool drinks, like the McDLT of cars. If you think that s a stupid sounding feature, you re right. But how else can they justify that price tag on a vehicle that legally cannot give the driver head?

The G 650 Landaulet is the convertible version of the G-Wagen, and fitted with a number of luxury features. The Landaulet is 22.75 inches longer, providing plenty of room for a pair of rear captain s seats that have heated massagers. The glass partition separating the driver and passenger can become opaque just by pressing a button and is decked out with high-end screens and stereo systems. Even the cup holders can warm or cool drinks.

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7AM in Germany .. I m just going to leave this here Congratulations to champagnepapi #drivingemotionstoronto #champagnepapi #ovo #g650L #maybach #canada #carsoftoronto #toronto #landaulet #brabus #mercedesbenz #1of99

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Who wants this smirk of your face G class? G650 Maybach Landaulet in charging mode awaiting its journey .Price tag: .1 OF 99 worldwide . . drivingemotionstoronto . .not available at your local mercedes dealer . . . . . #mercedesbenz #gclass #g650 #drivingemotionstoronto #tonybet#canada #toronto #carsoftoronto champagnepapi #ovo #carsoftoronto #unicorn #brabus #maybach #landaulet #gklass

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There are only 99 of these cars in existence, and shockingly, Bradley Cooper does not own one of them. But Drake does! And he may have actually paid more that 1.4 million, that s just how much the last one went for at auction in 2017. Or maybe he paid less. We ll just have to assume that Drake having paid a fair price for this G-Wagon is all part of God s Plan. Also on God s to-do list? Get Drake another flashy car to fill the whole in his heart. Drake also recently purchased this yellow Ferrari.

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The spaceship champagnepapi Coming soon!!

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That little owl on there is Drake s bespoker s bespoke way of letting you know it s been bespoken for. Here s Drake rolling up to Craig s restaurant in West Hollywood for dinner because the buffet at the strip club got shut down due to a health code violation also God s Plan .

I guess excessive luxury purchasing is, at least, a healthier way to deal with being in one s feelings than eating them. If you re able. Sorry Adonis. You re just going to have to work for a living when you grow up, just like the rest of us.

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