Nicolas Cage Got Married After Creating A Scene At The County Clerk s Office

Get the Full StoryIt was a bumpy lawn to hoe, but Nicolas Cage and his girlfriend of 3 years, or just under a year depending who you ask Erika Koike made it official by getting married at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday. According to Daily Mail and multiple eyewitnesses, Nic and Erika s journey to the altar started out rough with Nic, drunk and belligerent, screaming that Erika s boyfriend was a drug dealer and insisting he wasn t going to do it down at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau earlier in the day. Nethertheless, they persisted.

Even though we don t have many details about the actual wedding, the courthouse fracas was well documented. According to Daily Mail:

Cage, dressed in a dark jacket, red shirt and dark pants, was filmed slowly walking behind his girlfriend of less than a year with his hands on his hips, muttering to himself.

They started by filling the application in one of the machines, the source told

The whole time he was yelling she is going to take all my money and her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy .

The woman only kept saying Baby I am not asking you to do this .

Because the couple were making such a scene, they were taken into a private room and later left the courthouse with papers, according to the source.

So Nicolas Cage is getting married in Vegas tonight and the couple I shot said he was acting a mess at the marriage license office yelling at his fianc YOUR BF s A DRUG DEALER hahaha Vegas is wild

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VIDEO: el extra o comportamiento de Nicolas Cage antes de pedir una licencia de matrimonio en Las Vegas https: eQIrMM9RlU dVRxXxNpPE

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Daily Mail has the video but you can see a little clip sans audio here. s2DQ1YshCS

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If you re asking yourself, is that really the same woman we saw before , rest assured I have no idea either. Her face and body look different in every picture of her I ve seen. And it s not just her image that s slippery. According to Las Vegas Review Journal:

Koike, 35, is the kimono-clad woman who has previously been spotted with the 55-year-old Cage around Las Vegas and L.A. The bride s parents reportedly own Jasmine Thai Cuisine in L.A., where she has worked as a waitress previous reports that she is a makeup artist have been false .

Though published reports say they have been a couple since April 2018, the two attended Carrot Top s show together in June 2016, just after Cage separated from his third wife, Alice Kim. Koike has typically donned her trademark kimono in shots of the couple as they are spotted on the scene.

So she s either been a waitress at her parents Thai restaurant remember Nic met Alice when she was waitressing , or once worked as a makeup artist. Or both! And they may have been together since 2016. Here s Nic in Vienna earlier this month with a woman who we might assume is Erika.

PICS Nicolas Cage in Vienna, yesterday in front of his hotel, at the Belvedere Museum and backstage at Jazzland, and today at the Black Camel Restaurant NUdIijGWbe

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PICS Nicolas Cage out and about in Vienna today jisiyqBZGH

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And here s a picture of Nic in 2016 with Erika? Getty images doesn t list this woman s name but it s definitely not Alice whom he broke up that same year. And she does look the same in photos from when she visited Nic in Puerto Rico in April of last year.

It's Official! 3 years after they met, Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike Have Married on Saturday at Weddings at Bellagio in Las Vegas! Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds! qiUG1PPFOh

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So is Nic s new bride is a master spy with a basement full of wigs and prosthetics like Keri Russell on The Americans? Or maybe she s had an entire Face Off situation happen between the time they met and now. Either way, I just KNEW she was more interesting than Nic!