Those YouTubers Wedding Ended In A Not-At-All Staged Fight

Get the Full StoryIf you enjoy YouTuber Jake Paul, then what is wrong with you?!Because I don t understand the allure of this 22-year-old uber-douche-bro who looks like if Eminem was cloned and has his DNA spliced with a sweat-stained Ed Hardy t-shirt and a soft jawline. But anyway, this douchebag got married last night and it was totally real and not just a PR grab. It was a total shit-show complete with an Oprah Winfrey impersonator!

Page Six says that last night, Jake married his fianc , fellow YouTuber, Tana Mongeau allegedly. Apparently this whole marriage is almost definitely might just be for publicity. Which is crazy, because Tana was in a throuple with Bella Thorne and Mod Sun, so she believes in true love only!

Jake and 21-year-old Tana got engaged last month after dating for three months. So people were not really believing this shit from the jump off because it seemed like a stunt. There was no marriage license. The engagement ring was a 125 cubic zirconia which, honestly I would be fine with receiving because I don t care about jewelry and lose rings constantly, but this is a YouTube couple we re talking about. They re capitalism incarnate. Them not having an expensive ring is the most suspect part. Maybe they re just too dumb to know they need a marriage license? Believable. Not showing off a flossy ring? Highly suspicious.

This wedding happened at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas, which was customized with their name, wedding date and some floral stencils. Honestly I was expecting something a lot more tacky. Where was the Monster energy drink sponsorship?

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Custom paint job for: jakepaul x tanamongeau wedding! Paint paid for by: as a wedding gift! hustler Wedding sponsored by: tieger : rubioo

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The event started half an hour late and after it finally started, the actual ceremony lasted a solid ten minutes. Jake s best friend, Armani Izadi, was the one who proclaimed the two husband and wife and after he said the two were fake married, a guest got up and threw champagne at them, which triggered a fistfight which Page Six makes sure to say:

That saw the groom land a few punches.

So you know it was staged and homeboy had his publicist send over that statement to make it look like Jake Paul could actually handle himself in a fist-fight. Oh, and MTV was there to film it, so you know it s authentic, right?

Jake s older brother, Logan Paul, who is a real winner his-damn-self, was talking shit about the wedding the whole time, saying his advice to his brother was: Don t get married when you re 22, and suggested the marriage will last a month a month and a half. Which I think is generous.

The event, which featured Oprah and Bruno Mars impersonators, then moved on to the Sugar Factory where fans were waiting, so like even more evidence it s real because real celebrities have real weddings with their YouTube audiences. But the fun was not forever and they were eventually apparently told to leave, with Jake saying to his wedding:

The owner of Sugar Factory is trying to shut us down right now. Low key he s being a bitch.

A Sugar Factory rep told Page Six they were not kicked out and the owner was not even there that night. And after the wedding was over, Jake and Tana went off to their honeymoon sponsored by Tummy Tea! No they didn t, well not yet, maybe that s next week but they were seen leaving their own wedding in opposite directions, which spells: True Love, to me.

Here s pictures of Jake and Tana at their wedding reception which will tell you everything you need to know about them as people: