Want to Play the Weirdest, Most Hilarious Game Ever? Say Hello to Exploding Kittens

Get the Full StoryIf you're a game-night person, you're probably constantly on the hunt for the best games that'll make you think, laugh, and just have the best time with friends and family. And while there are so many good games out there, none quite compare to Exploding Kittens yep, you read that right . The game is so much fun, absolutely hilarious, and pretty much as random as they come. And if you're drinking while playing, we have a feeling it might just be one of the funniest nights of your life.

Despite what the name suggests, no kittens are harmed while playing the game. It does, however, consist of cute and weird illustrations with the tension of a Russian roulette game. The idea is simple: if you draw the exploding kitten card, you're out. Everyone keeps drawing until all cards are gone or everyone "exploded." But don't worry, there are ways to avoid death. Defuse cards distract the kittens with things like laser pointers and catnip. But the real fun starts when the players grab special cards that allow them to skip their turn, attack other players, or secretly relocate the kittens in the deck. It quickly turns into an intense game of cat and mouse, where alliances and betrayals keep everyone on their toes until the last card is drawn. Keep reading to shop it now, and, oh, there's also an even more ridiculous NSFW version!


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