Meet 'RollBot' a toilet paper robot that will bring you paper when you run out on the bowl

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If you've ever been stranded on a toilet bowl without toilet paper, you know what an unfortunate situation that is.

Charmin just revealed a robot that intends to solve the age-old issue: The RollBot "delivers a fresh roll of Charmin to you so you won't have to be left in a bind ever again."

The RollBot is part of a trio of "conceptual prototypes" that Charmin will unveil at this year's consumer technology conference CES in Las Vegas.

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There's nothing quite as comical and unfortunate as having used a toilet, only to realize too late that uh oh there's no toilet paper.

If you're lucky, you might have a loved one nearby who could throw you a lifeline. But every one of us is bound, at some point or another, to be stuck without any help on a toilet. Paperless.

But what if you could simply pull out your phone and order a tiny robot to provide that lifeline you so desperately need?

It sounds like you need a RollBot, a toilet paper delivery robot prototype that Charmin will unveil at the annual consumer technology expo CES in Las Vegas this week.First and foremost, you should know that the Charmin RollBot is a cute little cartoon bear on wheels.


Atop its little bear head sits your toilet paper roll the idea is that RollBot brings you that salvation directly.


But how do you alert your emergency toilet paper robot? Via smartphone, of course. After RollBot receives an activation via Bluetooth, it begins its rescue mission.


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