Wendy Williams Is Going On Hiatus To Deal With Her Graves Disease Again

Get the Full StoryWendy Williams cracking jokes about the recently murdered while sitting in front of a live studio audience filled with people nervously looking around like what the fuck: Tired. WW sitting in her kitchen decorated like the back storage closet of a home goods emporium on the Las Vegas strip while free-basing a Slim Jim: Fatigued, actually. According to People, Wendy s tired, y all. So she s taking a hiatus from her show to deal with her Graves disease, which is acting up again.

Thanks to the only hot topic anyone seems to care about these days, coronavirus, Wendy seemed to have finally gotten her groove back after a string of controversial remarks by putting those other slovenly daytime TV hosts to shame Ryan Seacrest, consider yourself read with her glamorous Wendy Home quarantine shows. But apparently, the gargantuan task of having to get herself camera-ready, has really taken its toll. People reports:

A spokesperson for the Wendy Williams Show tells PEOPLE that Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves disease, which is causing fatigue.

In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment, the rep says. We look forward to welcoming Wendy back soon and continuing the Wendy Home shows.

It is not immediately clear when Williams, 55, will return to the show.

The last time Wendy went on hiatus to deal with her Graves related health issues was in January of 2019 after alarming friends with her altered behavior and fracturing her shoulder. And what a year it was! That last unplanned hiatus ultimately ended with Wendy living in a sober house, which just so happened to coincide with her husband Kevin Hunter s mistress of 10 years giving birth. Wendy ultimately filed for divorce after months OK, years of denying there were any problems in her marriage. According to People, Wendy announced that she was fully divorced as of January, 2020. If 2019 couldn t keep Wendy down, and coronavirus only made her stronger, her Graves disease doesn t stand a chance. Hopefully she ll be back to eating weird food in her bathrobe and spewing repugnant hot takes before we know it.

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